November 18, 2011

  • Thanksgiving dinner menu

    I thought, while the tea towels are drying, that I might change things up a bit this year; afterall, I wasn’t nicknamed ‘Mr Thanksgiving’ for nothing. Instead of showing you the after-math in photos, I thought I would start a bit early with the menu first and, perhaps, photos later. Do you need a recipe or reassurance? Maybe you need some initiation or inspiration. I’m more than happy to help in any way that I can, either through encouragement or recipe. Here then is the final (finally) Thanksgiving dinner 2011. Yes, you’ll notice a more traditional bend on it, but as much as I love being nontraditional, I do love a good turkey thigh from time to time. 

    hors d’oeuvres
    stilton-stuffed dates

    amuse bouche
    pomegranate juice with clove

    smoked tomato bisque
    gruyère & onion monkey bread
    chenin blanc

    pumpkin-cinnamon sorbet
    sparkling water

    jay’s roast turkey
    escalloped potatoes florentine
    roasted maple-mustard green beans
    country bread pudding with fennel & pear
    cranberry relish
    sauvignon blanc

    fontina fondue with brown bread and apple
    pinot gris

    melodie’s raisin pie with maple crème fraîche
    intelligentsia coffee


    I do hope pictures, and the full menu, complete with wines, will make its way to this blog shortly after the holiday. In the mean time, I want to encourage you to ask questions or make requests as they come to you. I am more than happy to assist in any way that I can. 


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  • You have no idea how much joy (and inspiration) this menu just brought me!

  • I’d ask for recipes but those menu items seem beyond me. They do sound delicious, though.

  • I love reading your menus! And yes, I hope you can get pics up here.

    So what is it about this particular turkey recipe that you like?

  • ‘d like to see pictures anyway.

  • Dear Mr. Thanksgiving,

    I would enjoy your cinnamon-sorbet recipe. Is it posted somewhere or does it reside entirely inside your Thanksgiving mind?

    Pious Paul (Pecan, that is)

  • You rock! That sounds completely wonderful! You always put together such a lovely menu for the holiday dear. I’m making a turkey and a salmon dish this year. This is always my favorite holiday.

  • yummy, as always–glad to see ya back here. Pictures as wel, please!

    happy thanksgiving, tom!

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