January 28, 2012

  • Kitchen ritual: Tomato paste

    You can usually find me in the kitchen on Saturday morning participating in at least one of my kitchen rituals, this week it is freezing tomato paste. How many times have you bought a can of tomato paste for the 1 tablespoon your recipe calls for, only to have the rest of the can leftover and sitting, poorly covered, in the refrigerator? And how many times have you lamented buying a small tube of the stuff that broke the bank? There is a solution and it is as close as your freezer.

    Buy an 18 ounce (or similarly sized) can of your favorite tomato paste

    Use a tablespoon measure to portion out the contents of the can

    Drop the measured tomato paste onto a wax paper-lined plate

    When you’ve portioned out the tomato paste, pop the plate in the freezer

    When the orbs have frozen solid, move them to a zip top freezer bag

    Fold the bag over to remove all of the air and seal the bag

    Pop the bagged tablespoon measures of tomato paste in the freezer

    The frozen orbs of tomato paste will last indefinitely in a zero degrees Fahrenheit freezer and up to a year in a frost-free freezer. The next time you need a tablespoon or two of tomato paste, remove from the bag and drop directly into your recipe. No need to thaw them first

    By spending a little bit of time freezing tomato paste in a convenient measured size you’ll be sure to always have it on hand and didn’t break the bank

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  • I do this, too! Except I put the paste in ice cube trays, we have a tiny freezer, so it’s easier that way. Love it!

  • Why the heck did I not think of this? I always had to pitch the half empty can because it would get mouldy.

    Thank you.

  • I do this, too! Except with my family size we never have just 1 tablespoon for our recipes. But then buying industrial size is more economical, and we freeze it by the cup.

  • I love this idea.  Now I feel the need to make cabbage soup want won’t feeling guilty that I will throw out half the can.  Thanks !!!

  • Thank you Tom. This is a wonderful tip – especially in these austerity driven times.

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